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Back to School Giveaway

Posted by Gillian Allen on

As many of you may know, Gabs & Eddy was started with the goal of being able to stay at home with my kids instead of heading back to an office job when my maternity leave was up. 

It has been an incredible journey over the last 5 years, one that I am so proud of. It has allowed me to be there for all of the little things. First steps, first words and too many moments and memories to list. Yesterday marks a huge step and a major change in this journey as Eddy headed off on the big yellow bus to his very first day of school with his big sister heading into Grade 4. 

I wake up every morning and smile to think that I am going to spend another day doing something that I love. What other job lets you work in your PJ's and watch Netflix from the comfort of your living room? Trevor (my amazing, talented husband/photographer) and I both get to work from home making our way in this crazy world doing jobs that we have created for ourselves out of hobbies that we love. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!!

I'm so excited to see our kids growing up and stretching their wings, becoming more independent and seeing their parents doing something that they love everyday. They are learning that hard work pays off and life is meant to be enjoyed to its fullest.

So that brings me to our latest contest! In honour of Eddy starting school and Gabby heading into Grade 4 (unbelievable!) we are hosting a giveaway. 

The details are listed below and you can visit our Facebook Page to enter!

WIN a hat for your child and FIVE of his/her friends!

Or win them for the moms...or their teachers, you get the idea - we'll make the gift certificates big enough for adult hats too (with shipping) ...or they can get a child's hat and have a credit! Pretty sweet prize.

So to enter, just tag in the comments the five other names you'd like to win this prize with you! If you get chosen, we'll either mail you all six $45 Gift Certificates or mail to each of them to the other recipients with a note of why they are receiving it! Good luck!!

PS - BIG NEWS COMING! We have an amazing vendor joining us for our Open House this year!! And it was so popular last year we're making it a three day event this year: Oct 21-22-23. We're so excited to have this friend of Gabs & Eddy join us! We'll announce all the details later in September!