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Store Credit

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CASH on YOUR ACCOUNT!  There are now nearly 1000 people on our site who have a store credit! Are you one of them? The average Store Credit is $10.00!  Once logged in, go to  "My Account" and you'll see on the left hand side if you have a store credit (which will be applied at checkout). And if you order an in-stock hat, you’ll notice the price drops by $5.00 too...but it's always like that!  ;)

Here is why so many people have ended up with a store credit.

We recently built a new website and weren’t able to go with our current reward system - so we went with a third party program and it’s working great! However, once we reach 2000 members, there is going to be an $80/month charge, which we’ll do….but no need to yet. So instead of moving over nearly 1000 people who had reward points on our previous site to this new one and bringing us halfway to that next level, we just converted everyones existing points to a store credit and will start fresh with the new site. This means, if you had 75 Reward Points on our old site…you now have a $7.50 credit on your account in our new site.

Gabs & Eddy Reward Points went to those who signed up for our Newsletter, ordered hats though our old website or won them in contests. With our new Reward system, you can earn points by following us on Instagram, posting to Facebook, purchasing hats or even referring a friend!

STATS on the store credits:

The average credit is $10.00

There are 35 people who have between a $30-$130 credit

There are nearly 300 people with a $10.00 or more credit

If you have a store credit, it will show up on the left hand side of your login welcome screen (see image below). 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail.

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